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Grundig Ocean Boy 204 Portable

Ocean Boy was before the Grundig Satellite.

Data for Grundig Ocean Boy 204
ProductionGermany, 1964.
Price was 595DM.
BandsLW 145-340kHz), MW (510-1620kHz), SW1 (2-6MHz), SW25.9-11MHz), SW3 (11-20MHz), FM (87.5-108MHz).
17 transistors: FM Front end has AF102 AF125; AM front end has AF125 as RF amp, OC71 as oscillator and AF125 as mixer; IF amplifier has four AF126 AF126 AF126 AF126; AF section has AC151 input, AC151 and AC151 amplification, TF65 phase splitter, TF65 and TF65 drivers, and AC153 and AC153 output.
CabinetCanvas and plastic. Size 35x22x11cm. Weight 4.9kg.
PowerBatt (7x1.5V) or mains (with extra unit TN11), radio circuitry gets 9V and dial light gets 1.5V.

The Design

Grundig is famous under Short Wave DX-ers for the Satellit series is brought out in the seventies. Radio technique had not yet advanced to the same stage in the sixties, but it was clear that Grundig moved the borders a bit with this very nice Ocean Boy.

Obtained7/2013 from NVHR Swap meet.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   Boney M sounds English, but it is a German band, formed in 1975.

This Object

I was happy to find this set at the NVHR swap meeting, because it came with a Satellite whip antenna, which alone has a value higher than my purchase price (15).

The set did not work but turned out to be OK, only the fuses in the power supply were heavily corroded. The 204 originally came with either a battery holder or a power supply. I don't know if perhaps the previous user of this set had both, but I only have the mains power supply (right in inside picture). After cleaning the fuses the set worked fine. The antenna has been repaired, one segment won't pull out. But the set works on all bands and is quite sensitive.

Transformer-based power supplies have a high vampire consumption, and this radio (like most portables) is DC-switched. Measured OFF/FM, this radio consumes 1.8/2.4W from that mains and, being plugged in continuously, this is expensive (4 euro's per year). I installed a DC jack and found that te Ocean Boy plays well on a 5V iPad charger, consuming 0.1/0.2W. With a 9V switched mode power supply, consumption is 0.1/1.0W, but noise is heard on the AM bands and between FM stations. So I keep the original power supply in store for possible reversion. Meanwhile, I keep the radio plugged on the switched supply, saving me about 4€ per year (cost of jack plus supply: 2€).

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