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Amplix U47 Mini radio

Small table top, or large mini?

Data for Amplix U47
ProductionFrance, 1947.
BandsLW, MW, SW.
TubesECH3, ECF1, CBL6, CY1.
CabinetWood. Size 30x20x15cm. Weight 3.1 kg.
PowerAC/DC, 110V.

The Design

This set carries no brand name, and I first thought it was a homebrew set. Using the search engine of TSF I could identify it as an Amplix. The tube filaments form a series chain, with the unusually high current of 200mA. The set only works on 110V, fortunately, because on 230V it would work as a 60W stove.

Obtained10/2005 from Dirk Smit.
DisposedSold 10/2013.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   Despite the band switch bridge, reception still is better on SW than on MW. But well… that's life. For this radio, it is already December.

This Object

Perhaps it is coincidental and not structural, but with this radio set I had the same problem as with this French radio. I have great difficulty aligning the IF transformers. I replaced the capacitors in it (by 190pF caps), but I don't know at what Intermediate Frequency the tuning circuits are supposed to be well synchronised. The radio could receive quite a few stations on Short Wave, but not the strongest MW station in the region. Finally I found out that the antenna coil for MW was defective, and I bridged it with a small capacitor (visible across the wave switch), after which reception became acceptable.

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