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Harteveld Radio with doors Broadcast receiver

Battery set in wood cabinet

Data for Harteveld Radio with doors
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1990.
BandsDepends on coils.
TubesA442 (RF amp), A415 (detector), B443 (output).
CabinetWood. Size 41x29x28cm.
PowerBatt, 4V, 9V, 90V.

The Design

The set is a battery tube receiver, but this box does not contain the power supply or speaker, as was usual in those days. At the back you can see, which other accessoires you need to connect to make it work.

After listening, the cabinet doors could be closed to avoid cluttering the twenties salon interior with technical stuff. A close up reveals the handles to adjust the coils, and the fine tuning mechanism.

Obtained2/2016 from Klaas.
DisposedSold 12/2019.

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