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Nico Harteveld XnYhV Horn speaker

Early radios had external speakers

Data for Nico Harteveld XnYhV
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1925.
CabinetSteel. Size Height = 43cm. Weight 0.95kg.

The Design

The brand appears to be NH, written in low case on the side together with the letters X Y V. The speaker was made by a hobbyist, Nico Harteveld, who assembled this piece from original parts.

Obtained2/2015 from Klaas.
DisposedSold 1/1900.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   Song recorded during first test in June 2015.

This Object

To test the speaker (and the radio) I made a set up with a three tube set, an antenna, a 4V filament supply, a 90V plate battery, a 7V grid bias source, and the horn speaker.

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