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Svetlovodsk Olimpik 402 Portable

Russian souvenir portable.

Data for Svetlovodsk Olimpik 402
ProductionUkraine, 1989.
Price was 36 Rubles.
BandsMW, SW1 (41-49m), SW2 (25-31m).
IC K174XA2, 4 transistors.
CabinetPlastic. Size 8x15x3 cm. Weight 250 gr.
PowerBatt 9V.
DocumentsRmorg, schema.

The Design

The back has an inscription meaning Souvenir Radio, so I guessed this radio was produced for the occasion of the Olympic Games in Moscow, in 1980. But inside I found a lot of components with 88 and 89 on it, so a better guess (also supported by RMorg) is that the radio dates from about 1989.

Inside it is a little bit ore sophisticated than I first expected. It is built around a radio IC, K174XA2. Tuning is by a reducing gear to make it more smooth. A surprising feaute is that it has two band switches: one switches between Medium and Short Wave, and when on SW, the upper switch chooses between 41/49m and 25/31m. The radio was available in a wide variety of colors.

Obtained11/2007 from Marian Andrejko; sn=9096677.
Condition8; complete, works fine, some scratches.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   Some classical music from our new station Radio Maria at 675kHz.

This Object

The speaker is 50 Ohms, an unusual value.

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