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Orion R636F Velence Table top

Modern variation of Four Tube Circuit

Data for Orion R636F Velence
ProductionHungary, 1959.
BandsLW (937-2000m), MW (200-576m).
TubesECH81 (osc. & mixer), ECH81 (IF and AF amp.), EBL21 (det. & output), EZ80 (rect.).
CabinetWood. Size 38x26x18 cm. Weight 6 kg.
PowerAC 50W.
DocumentsService Doc (in Hungarian).

The Design

The reason I wanted this radio was, that it is is a late example of the Four Tube Circuit; the Orion 636 was originally equipped with ECH21 tubes, but later editions had more modern tubes.

The model dates back to 1958, but this set had a filter capacitor dated 1959, so it must be a later series.

Obtained1/2012 from Johan vd Heuvel.
DisposedSold 6/2018.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   In the Old Days, when the Night had just Begun, one could hear a lot of music playing. During the first decade of the 21st century, receiving MW stations has become increasingly difficult because of stations being replaced by static.

This Object

When I got this set, it was in a reasonable condition. The dial chord was derailed and the set didn't play, but these can easily be fixed.

The radio came with back and bottom panels, and removing them reveals old but rather clean and intact inner parts. There are some 8 to 10 paper capacitors that must probably be replaced. Near the output transformer (mounted on the speaker) there was a loose wire, but tracing it revealed where it should go.

The output transformer is mounted on the loud speaker, and this assemply is connected to the chassis by no less than six wires. The resistors and capacitor of the feedback circuit are on the transformer. On the right you can see the replaced parts: some paper caps, the volume pot (the switch was defective) and the EZ80 tube.

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