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Panasonic RF-B45 Portable

Digital portable with SSB.

Data for Panasonic RF-B45
ProductionJapan, 1991.
Price was DM329 (source Rmorg).
BandsLW (144-288kHz), MW (522-1611kHz), SW (1620-29995kHz), FM (87,5-108MHz); IF is 55845kHz/459kHz for AM, 10,7MHz for FM.
CabinetPlastic. Size 20x12x4cm. Weight 620gr w/o batt.
PowerDC 6V or Batt 4xAA.
DocumentsService Docs, KW Empfängertest.

The Design

This Receiver Test from June 1995 compares this set to some other sets priced around 350DM. The Panasonic compared favorably to the other sets, with the lack of a synchronous detector as the main, but still minor, drawback. S-Meter, check, yes, but the review does not make any graduations in the useability of S-meters. The Panasonic has just a three-segment strength bar.

Obtained9/2017 from Maarten van Dijk.
Condition9; complete with protective case and box (damaged).

This Object

The documentation mentions an antenna jack (see 21 in the Service Docs), but on my set it isn't there. To connect (loop) antenna's and ground, I made an external ground connection. I get even better performance after replacing the whip antenna by a coax socket and connecting a loop aerial, like the Europe Square or MoRA.

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