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Philips 22RH426/21Z Loud speakers

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Data for Philips 22RH426/21Z
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1973.
Price was 600 guilders per set.
CabinetWood. Size 34x46x23 cm. Weight 12 kg.
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The Design

My speakers gave up the day before Christmas. Of course, the thrift shop was closed for Christmas, so I had to wait until December 27 to buy replacements. I was fortunate to find these old Philips speakers. The sound is quite superb, despite they are forty years old. From my first salary I could not afford these, but now they are actually cheap: only 14 euros for the pair, about one twentieth of their price in 1973 (with inflation correction, perhaps one hundredth).

Obtained12/2012 from Kringloopwinkel, sn = PL42703 and PL34600.

This Object

In 1987 I bought myself a set of Magnat Sonobull 21 speakers from my first salary as a scientific assistant.
I used them for a quarter of a century with great pleasure, but on the day before Christmas 2012 they started to produce a distorted sound. To my surprise, the conus hanging looked completely rotten. I figured that repairing this, if possible, would be expensive. Exit Sonobull.
Actually, repair is possible, and even economically feasible. The conus rings you need are about 7 euros at SpeakerRepairShop. This will require some time and skills.

I found Philips Vintage, listing the used speakers in the 426 as Tweeter: AD0160/T4, Squaker: AD5060/SQ4, Woofer: AD8065/W4. They handle 30W of power, volume is 25 liters. There exists a bigger brother, the 22RH427, which has two of the woofers. But for normal living rooms, one is enough. The 426 also has smaller brothers (and sisters).

In October 2016 we restyled our living and the speakers looked a bit dark. I painted the woodwork and bought new cloth, which was applied by a friend. The speaker colour now matches the environment nicely.

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