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Philips AE2300/00 Easy Line

Easy Line of operation, handy for senior citizens.

Data for Philips AE2300/00
ProductionChina, 1991.
Price was 170 guilders.
BandsMW (530-1600kHz), FM (88-108MHz, 5 presets).
CabinetPlastic. Size 29.5x17x8cm.
PowerBatt 6xD or AC 220V (listed 8W, measured 1.0/2.0/2.6W) (or DC jack).

The Design

When playing from 9V batteries, the set consumes 40mA on AM and 60mA (540mW) on FM, with low volume. The built-in power supply gives about 13V, and draw is then 66mA.

The ineffective transformer based power supply draws about 2W from the mains to produce this half watt, and over 1W to produce nothing! If you plug in this radio but don't use it, it will cost you over 2 euros per annum of power. Better replace the transformer based supply by a switched power supply. This reduces the overall consumption by about a Watt, so you'll save the environment and the pay-back time of the supply is about 1 year.

There is also a related type AE2306, which is almost similar to this one, but without the AM band.

Obtained3/2018 from NVHR Swap Meet; sn=KT019225040378.

This Object

Because this radio is regularly in use in our Red Room, and plugged continuously, the vampire draw of 1W annoyed me a lot. The heating effect on its environment is of course not humanly detectable, but can be visualised with an IR-scan. In March 2019, I installed a DC jack. Power consumption (measured OFF/FM) is 1.0/2.0W with the built-in supply, 0.1/0.7W with a 9V switched mode supply, and 0.1/0.5W with a 5V USB charger. However, with just 5V the radio plays a bit distorted, and the vampire reduction is nil. So I use the radio with a 9V supply, which costs about 2 euros (with the jack), and saves about 2 euro's per year.

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