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Philips B2X92A Table top

Small home set

Data for Philips B2X92A
ProductionBenelux, 1959.
BandsLW (1150-2000m), MW (185-580m), FM 3-3.43m).
TubesECC85, ECH81, EF89, UABC80, UL84, UY85.
CabinetPlastic. Size 32x17x18cm.
Power110/127/220V, 40W.

The Design

Obtained9/2019 from NVHR Swap meet; sn=A35035.
Condition7; grille is bent, some paint spots.
DisposedSold 6/2020.

This Object

After the usual cleaning and replacement of a few capacitors, this radio played quite well.

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