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Philips D2122 Portable

Double dial and double speaker portable

Data for Philips D2122
ProductionMalaysia, 1988.
BandsLW (150-265kHz), MW (530-1600kHz), FM (88-108MHz).
CabinetPlastic. Size 24.5x15x6cm.
PowerAC 220V or Batt 4xC.
DocumentsService sheet, schema at Doctsf.

The Design

The model is from 1986 (Doctsf), but in the battery compartiment you can see a data sticker 849 meaning production of this set in week 49 of 1988.

Like the Philips D2010, this radio has a linear switching pot.

Obtained6/2015 from Activiteitenmarkt, sn=RZ157314.
DisposedSold 3/2020.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   After the closing of Deutschlandfunk (three stations) in January 2015, all you hear on LW during the day is France International (162kHz), Europe 1 (183kHz), BBC (198kHz), and RTL (234kHz). So it may soon be au revoir to LW listening.

This Object

The antenna tip was broken but I replaced the antenna in December 2015.

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