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Philips D2935/00 Portable

Portable Shortwave station

Data for Philips D2935/00
ProductionHong Kong, 1987.
Price was 549 guilders.
BandsAM (146-29999kHz), FM (87.5-108MHz); dual conversion, 1st IF 55000kHz, 2nd IF 455kHz, IF FM 10.7MHz.
CabinetPlastic. Size 32x18x8cm. Weight 3.8kg.
PowerAC 220V, Batt 9V (6xD), backup 3xAA.
DocumentsPurchase receipt, Guarantee card, Manual (Front, page p15, page p16, page p17, page p18, page p36, page p37), Philips World Receiver.

The Design

This D2935 is the lesser known small companion of the much praised D2999 base station. The format is a portable, but it actually is not much more portable than the other type. The D2999 and D2935 have the same receiving principle, but the D2999 has more output power, a bigger speaker, more presets, and a clock.

The weird lower bound of the LW range, 146kHz, comes from the historic channel assignment on Long Wave. While now all European stations are aligned on a 9Khz raster, LW stations used to be aligned at multiples of 9 plus 2. BBC4 used to be at 200kHz, now at 198kHz. So 146kHz was simply the lowest LW frequency.

Obtained3/2016 from Winfried via Marktplaats; SN=KT04702018035.
Condition9; no damage, front intact, original telescopic antenna, carrying strap, docs.

This Object

This set was purchased in 1987 by Winfried from Mikro Electro. It came with user instructions and a World Receiver booklet by Philips, introducing the consumer to the world of Short Wave listening, ham amateurs, and antenna construction. That booklet was handed out with both the D2935 and the D2999.

Winfried made one small mod. To facilitate easier BFO alignment, he installed a bigger knob for the BFO control. Originally, the BFO knob had the same size as the RF gain and tone knobs, but he replaced this by a knob equally big as the volume knob. The D2935 is notorious for suffering from cracks in the front layer, but this radio was pretty undamaged. But about three decades seem to mark the end; within a few years, my radio developed cracks as well. In July, 2020, I replaced the front by a new foil (obtainable through internet sources, I got mine from Fred).

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