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Philips BX360A Music Board

Wood was scarce in the after-war years.

Data for Philips BX360A
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1947.
Price was 185 guilders.
TubesECH4 ECH4 EBL1 AZ1.
CabinetBehind the large front there is not really a cabinet..
PowerAC (127/220V) 42W.

The Design

This 1947 radio is popular among collectors for several reasons. The design clearly reflects the after war crisis of radio manufacturing.

Wood for quality cabinets was not cheaply available, and a lot of radios came out with bakelite cabinets in those days. For this radio the even cheaper option of designing it without a cabinet was chosen. The large front is wooden and due to this large resonance board the sound quality is quite good. The front leans a little backward, which, combined with the attention of those days for the Middle East, gave the model the nickname Klaagmuur (Wailing Wall).

Electrically the design has peculiarities as well. The radio has the IF and AF stages combined in a single ECH4 tube and hence follows the Philips four tube design. The Intermediate Frequency is unusually low: 128 kHz only, and this necessitated the antenna circuit to be designed as a band filter.

The radio reminded of the bad days so obviously, that many owners exchanged the Wailing Wall for a better quality product as soon as they had the possibility.

Obtained8/1998 from The Krijnen collection.
DisposedSold 1/2000.

This Object

I exchanged the radio for another model that I desired very much: the Erres KY505.

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