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Philips B4X52AT Table top

Transistorised but mains powered.

Data for Philips B4X52AT
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1965.
Price was 369 guilders.
BandsLW (1150-2000m), MW (185-577m), SW (25-50m), FM (2.78-3.43m).
AF121 (FM preamp), AF125 (FM mixer), AF125 (AM osc.), AF121 (AM mixer), AF121 (IF amp), AF121 (IF amp), AF125 (AF amp), AF125 (AF amp), AC126 (driver), 2xAC128 (output), AA119 (limiter), 2xAA119 (FM det), AA119 (AM det), B30C850 (rectifier), 2xBZY61 (stabiliser).
CabinetWood. Size 51x22x16 cm.
PowerAC 127/220V, 15W.
DocumentsService documentation.

The Design

Nowadays all home entertainment electronics is transistorised and works on the mains, but a long time ago transistors were only used in radios that were to be battery operated. When this radio was built, still most of the home equipment was tube based. Transistorised mains equipment can be recognised by the AT suffix in the type number (A meaning AC powered and T transistorised), and this suffix is fairly rare in Philips type numbers

With type class 4 and 11 transistors it is a fairly luxereous radio. The dial is calibrated in meters for AM and in MHz for FM. The FM band ranges to 108 MHz, which was seen from the second half of the sixties though in those days a coverage up to 104 MHz was still more common.

Obtained9/2002 from Leo Pesulima.
DisposedSold 1/2005.

This Object

Works without any problem, is complete, clean, and fully operational.

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