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Philips BX480A Table top

Immigrant's dream

Data for Philips BX480A
ProductionBenelux, 1948.
Price was 260 guilders.
BandsLW (714-2000m), MW (185-580m), 4xSW (32-50m; 21.6-32m; 17-26m; 13.3-20m); IF is 452kHz.
TubesECH21 (mixer), 2x EAF42 (IF, det., AF), EBL21 (output), AZ1 (rect.; replaced by 2x 1N4007).
2x 1N4007 (rect.).
CabinetBakelite. Size 44x30x22cm. Weight 9kg.
PowerAC 230V, 41W.
DocumentsAd, Schema.

The Design

Radio's with several short wave bands were popular around 1950. Philips produced several models, like this one and the well known BX594A. These are not specifically made for use in the tropics, because they lack the Tropical Wave bands (60 through 120 meters). Emigrants to Indonesia and other Asian or Latin regions could buy the BX505, of which a seven band version was available.

The Multi dial has marking BX480 - 580 and A3 219 26.1.

Obtained6/2018 from NVHR Swap Meet; sn=L3600.
Condition8; plays fine, some dents, misses backplate.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   Shortly after the repair of this radio, Groot Nieuws Radio, the last big AM station in The Netherlands, ceased operation.

This Object

The back panel of this radio was missing, but a few stalls further down I got a SABA panel for free (with my tuner) that I can make to fit. Only the mounting clips are also gone.

Repairing the radio was not very difficult, but involved replacing the power transformer. This transformer is difficult to reach, becuse of the way the chassis is removed in this radio: you take out the chassis complete with loud speaker board and speaker. My spare transformer had different windings, notably no 4V winding, so I mounted two 1N4007 diodes to replace the AZ1 rectifier. Some capacitors were replaced, and I got sound from the radio quite easily.

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