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Philips BX500A Table top

Mid century

Data for Philips BX500A
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1950.
Price was 295 guilders.
BandsLW MW 3xSW.
TubesECH42 EAF42 EBC41 EL41 EM34 AZ41.
PowerAC (110-245V) 45W.

The Design

Philips brought out a nice line of radio's in 1950, consisting of the BX200U, BX300U, BX400A, BX500A, BX600A, and BX700A.

Obtained9/1997 from Hans van Wingerden.
DisposedSold 3/1998.

This Object

My neighbor knows I collect radios and he picked it up for me on Garbage Collection Day. How is it possible that I missed it in the morning? I swapped the radio later for the Saba Sabina.

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