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Philips N2511 HiFi cassette deck

First generation HiFi sound from cassettes.

Data for Philips N2511
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1976.
CabinetPlastic. Size 34x8x24 cm.

The Design

Philips is well known as the inventor of the Compact Cassette, something that happened in the early sixties. Originally it was thought that the invention would only serve the low quality, small-sized applications like meeting registration and dictation. But after a few yearsa quite good quality of sound was achieved, and the cassette became ready for the Hi-Hi market.
This cassette deck is the ideal companion to my Philps Capella.

Obtained6/2006 from Activiteitenmarkt Slotlaan.
DisposedScrapped 1/1900.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   I dug out some of my old tapes to try this set, and as you can hear it plays them fine. If you are about as old as I am, it is not necessary for you to name the piece.

This Object

The machine has two analogue VU meters on top, but the left one does not react to anything, though the left channel reproduces fine.

Here you can see a photo of the interior. Quite often, the rubber drive chords of old Philips recorders need replacement. As you can see in more detail on the right, for this model it is possible to replace the chord without too much disassembly. Fortunately, my bands are all fine and the machine works fine still.

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