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Rossia 303 Portable

Russian portable with Cyrillic imprint.

Data for Rossia 303
ProductionUSSR, 1978.
Price was 59 rubles.
BandsLW, MW, SW2 (9.6-12 MHz), SW1 (4-7.3 MHz).
2x GT40A (output), 2x MP40 (AF).
CabinetPlastic. Size 21.5x1.5x5 cm.
PowerBatt 4xAA.

The Design

The radio was also sold as Dombaj 303. (Doctsf has a schema for the Dombaj 203.) Unfortunately, no station names in Cyrillic. This leaves me something to hunt for during my next trip.

Obtained11/2000 from Junk shop Prague.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   History lessons from Radio Moscow. Today: Perestroika with Comrade Gorbachev.

This Object

I found it in a shop in Prague where I bought this together with the Alpinist 405 for 200 Crowns. It included fresh batteries so I could use it all through my trip to hear the Dutch broadcasts.
A few years later in Kosice I bought a red one.

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