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Siemens Debeg E566 Ship receiver

Top notch professional ship receiver like they could be found on German vessels.

Data for Siemens Debeg E566
ProductionGermany, 1957.
Price was DM7000 (says Rmorg).
Bands14-21 kHz and 90-30.100 kHz in 11 bands.
Tubes17 tubes.
CabinetSteel. Size 52x33x35 cm. Weight 34 kg.
PowerAC or DC with Wechselrichter.
DocumentsService documentation.

The Design

There is so much to write about this set that I did so in a separate article. Unfortunately for all foreigners, this is in Dutch.

This marvellous radio has double conversion, super sensitivity, receives SSB broadcasts.... Wow, it really is a shame you cannot read Dutch! Scores 9.5 on the Hoen Scale.

Obtained11/1996 from Private person.
DisposedSold 12/2013.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   Around 300 or 400 kHz one can hear air beacons announcing their identity in Morse.

This Object

The item was offered to me through Internet contacts, the price was attractive. I used it to overhear Ham communications and many other transmissions. Also the radio needed some repairs and alignment from time to time.

But for each radio there is a time for buying and a time for selling. The purchase of a Philips D2999 made me use it less, it took a lot of space, and during a mess up round of 2013 I decided to sell it. It was bought by Fred, who later sent me a picture of the Debeg in his shack.

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