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Siera S223X Table top

The Belgium Philips brand.

Data for Siera S223X
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1949.
Price was 475 guilders.
BandsLW (708-1950m), MW (198-570m), 3xSW (36.5-56m, 21.1-36.5m, 13.6-21.1m).
TubesECH21 (mixer), ECH21 (IF and AF), 2xEBL21 (output push-pull), EM34 (tuning eye), AZ1 (rect).
CabinetWood. Size 54x39x25 cm. Weight 12.5 kg.
PowerAC 111-245V @ 50W.
DocumentsUser manual and service docs..

The Design

Siera is the Belgium counterpart of Philips. Until about 1950 they produced Philips and own designs, but after 1950 all radios were according to Philips designs but could have other cabinets. This is a clear non-Philips design, because Philips never used balance outputs driven by an AF transformer. The HF part of the radio is equiped with the Four Tube circuit, but the magic eye and balanced output bring the overall tube count to six. The documentation mentions EM4 as the tuning eye but the radio holds an EM34, so this might be a (well done) modification.

The balanced output stage is driven from a transformer between the preamp and the output stage. The primary of this transformer is grounded and capacitively coupled with the plate of the driver tube.
The radio has a beautiful dial, which holds almost the complete user instruction. With Windows-style pictograms to illustrate the tone control Siera was its time half a century ahead. The pointer itself is supposed to be invisible, but throws its shadow on the dial. Nice idea, but the visibility is marginal.

Obtained12/2000 from Gerard van Gurp.
DisposedSold 9/2001.

This Object

This fine radio was donated to me. The radio didn't work but this is quite usual with these old radios. I soon found out that the ECH mixer was dead and replacement brought the radio back to life.

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