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Signal 402 Portable

A Soviet Clock Portable

Data for Signal 402
ProductionUSSR, 1975.
BandsLW (160-400kHz), MW (540-1600kHz).
CabinetPlastic. Size 16x8x4 cm. Weight 425 gr.
PowerBatt 9V.

The Design

This would be a very nice travel companionů in the eighties, one could hear the home MW or LW station all over the continent, and the alarm would wake up the traveller in time.

Obtained4/2011 from MEGA Bazar, Banska Bystrica (Sk).
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   The advantage of "Science without formulas" is, that it has no formulas. The disadvantage of "Science without formulas" is, that is has no formulas.

This Object

The radio plays without any problem, and the clock also works well. So this one was definitely a better buy than its identical twin, also because the price was only one third.

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