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Sony CFM 20L Radio-Cassette

Radio without MW

Data for Sony CFM 20L
ProductionJapan, 1995.
BandsLW, FM.
CabinetPlastic. Size 28x15x11 cm. Weight 1.4 kg.
PowerBatt 4xD, AC230V.

The Design

Though the band coverage of European radios varies somewhat, MW is found on virtually all radios. An exception is the modern category of scan radios, which tune only the FM band. The band coverage of this radio cassette recorder is quite unique, as it has Long Wave, but no Medium Wave. Perhaps the Japanes designers thought that, as we in Europe still have the LW band in use, this means that we find it more important than the MW.

Obtained2/2005 from Aunt Hentje.
DisposedSold 2/2011.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   Long Wave stations usually have a bit dull sound, with a noticeable lack of high tones. The reason is that, because of the low frequency, the radio frequent tuning circuit significantly reduces the bandwidth of the receiver.

You hear France qualify for the eighth final of the 2006 soccer world championship, on June 23 of that year.

This Object

It belonged to our aunt, who used it until the age of 90. Simplified operation instructions are glued on the buttons. When Aunt died the machine went to the only radio collector in the family.

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