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SuperTech WR-30 Pocket radio

Digilogue nine bander.

Data for SuperTech WR-30
ProductionAsia, 2006.
Price was 10 euros.
BandsMW (508 - 1626kHz), SW1 (5.66 -6.45MHz), SW2 (6.78 - 7.69MHz), SW3 (9.15 - 10.16 MHz), SW4 (11.12 - 12.09 MHz), SW5 (12.53 - 14.26 MHz), SW6 (14.24 - 15.99 MHz), SW7 (16.32 - 18.28 MHz), FM (86.1 - 108.4 MHz).
CabinetPlastic. Size 112x69x25mm. Weight 175 gr (inc batt).
PowerBatt 2xAA.
DocumentsUser manual.

The Design

In a true digital radio, the local oscillator is PLL-controlled by a digital circuit. The SuperTech has mechanical tuning with a rotating thumb wheel; only the old style slide rule tuning indicator is replaced by a frequency counter with digital readout. Traction to tuning cap is by comb wheel, not chord. Very nicely done, because this radio is as easy to use as an analogue, but with the dial accuracy of a digital radio.

Obtained2/2007 from Edwin.
DisposedSold 2/2020.
Sound samplePLAY SOUND   Medium Wave stations can be received over a long distance at night, but are hard to find on an analogue dial. With digital precision, I was able to record Groot Nieuws Radio in Chop, Ukraine, 1264km from the transmitter in Zeewolde, on November 10, 2007.

This Object

A box of brand new radios makes nice presents for my friends on various occasions.

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