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Tesla Talisman 305U Mini Radio

Alignment challenge for bakelite lovers.

Data for Tesla Talisman 305U
ProductionCzechoslovakia, 1949.
BandsLW MW SW.
TubesUCH21 UCH21 UBL21 UY1.
CabinetBakelite. Size 26x18x13 cm. Weight 2,9 kg.
PowerACDC 110/220V.
DocumentsCircuit diagram.

The Design

This is an early prototype of the successful Taslisman series. The later ones (like this 306U Talisman) has circular MF transformers while this one has square ones. There are a few more technical differences (in parts used) but the most striking is that this one has a slide rule dial, while the later models all have a rotating pointer.

Obtained2/2000 from Junk shop Prague.
DisposedSold 6/2000.

This Object

With the small Teslas I always seem to have a common problem: hum, despite replacement of capacitors, and bad sensitivity.

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