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Tesla 306U Talisman

An attractive little bakelite radio from Tesla, the former Philips Elektra plants in Czechoslovakia.

Data for Tesla 306U
ProductionCzechoslovakia, 1952.
BandsLW MW SW.
TubesUCH21 UCH21 UBL21 UY1N.
CabinetBakelite. Size 26x16x14 cm. Weight 2.5 kg.
PowerACDC 110/220V.
DocumentsCircuit diagram.

The Design

The Talisman series was extremely successful with about a million copies produced between 1949 and 1958. In Czechoslovakia, with no competition and no import-export with competitive countries, innovation was not a major issue, and besides, the radios were actually very good and well built.

Obtained11/1996 from Rommelwinkel Praag.
DisposedSold 6/2002.

This Object

My Talisman was produced in December 1952. I bought this Tesla in November 1996 in Prague for 700 crowns (50 guilders) and it had to wait until March 1998 for a complete cleanup. The radio suffers low sensitivity, but it receives the local stations very well and found a place in our living where I use it almost daily to listen the news for some time.

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