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Tesla Tenor 426A Mini Radio

With the Talisman series, Tesla set its reputation as a producer of nicely styled, good quality small table radios. The Tenor continued the fame.

Data for Tesla Tenor 426A
ProductionCzechoslovakia, 1960.
BandsDV (Dlhe Vlny means LW, 968-2145m), SV (Stredne Vlny means MW, 187-588m), KV (Kratke Vlny means SW, 16.5-51m). MF is 468 kHz.
TubesECH81 EBF89 ECL82 EZ80.
CabinetBakelite. Size 31x20x18cm.
PowerAC (by autotransformer).

The Design

The design of this radio is more modern than that of the Talisman series. Radio buyers of the nineteen fifties demanded a symmetric cabinet, and this radio employs the modern Noval tubes with parallel filaments. Tesla could not resists the Piano Key hype, but these keys only change the wave bands while the power is switched with the volume control as in the earlier designs. An unusual combination.

Obtained5/1997 from Antique Shop Bratislava.
DisposedSold 10/1998.

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