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Tom-Tec 2000 Novelty

for EUR 2,2
Fun radio

Data for Tom-Tec 2000
ProductionChina (?), 2000 (?).
BandsMW (530-1600kHz), FM (88-108MHz); IF 455kHz.
S9018, 9014, KA22426 radio IC.
CabinetPlastic. Size Height 13cm. Weight 150gr (w/ batt).
PowerBatt 2xAA.

The Design

The date and origin listed here are wild guesses.

The radio is built around the IC KA22426, containing all the active circuitry for a radio, including a 400mW output amp. The AM IF is 455kHz, as witnessed by the U455B ceramic filter. For FM, the IC contains a quadrature detector. The S9018 transistor can be used as an AM pre-amplifier, so my guess is that this is its function in this radio. The 9014 is on a separate circuit board and its purpose is unclear to me.

Obtained4/2017 from King's Day Market.
FOR SALEPrice is 2,2 Euros.

This Object

When you open the set, you first see the upper side of the PCB, and the radio IC only becomes visible when you take out the chassis. The soldering isn't very neat, so I think it has been repaired at some time.

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