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Tonalux 706 Vertical

Lope or Slope?

Data for Tonalux 706
ProductionFrance, 1937.
Price was Fr 660.
BandsGO, PO, OC, IF is 460kHz.
Tubes6A7, 6D6, 6D1, 6C6, 43, 25Z5.
CabinetWood. Size 36x47x24cm. Weight 8kg.

The Design

According to the flyer, this model was available in AC/DC or AC version. I know that many French radios of the thirties were shipped without a back panel, but for an AC/DC model this is not considered sufficiently safe anymore.

The dial has a circular pointer, connected directly to the tuning cap axis. Like other French radios, there is no transparant shielding in front of it, so the pointer is touched and damaged easily. When the pointer is bent and touches the dial, lettering is lost quickly.

Obtained1/2015 from Hans van der Marel, sn=20286.
DisposedScrapped 2/2015.

This Object

Seller Hans delivered the radio to my house. It is fairly complete, but far from operational. As you can see there is quite a lot of rust inside.

Also, under the chassis we find a lot of capacitors that need replacement, and the inside of the cabinet is full of dirt.

The speaker cloth is torn and appears to be some uniform brownish color. However, when I took out the cloth, it appeared to have much more color on the parts that were hiden behind wood for 80 years. I'll ask my cloth lady about some suitable replacement.

Because of all the difficulty in restoring the radio, and doubts about the quality of the resulting product, I decided to use the cabinet and chassis for a construction product. The cabinet can be waxed to give a nice look.

I removed all dirty and defective components from the chassis and brushed it with a steel brush to remove the rust as well as possible. Then the chassis was ready for use in my homebuilt radio.

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