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Yupiteru MVT-7100 Scanner

Scanner, tunes to virtually all analogue sound transmissions.

Data for Yupiteru MVT-7100
ProductionJapan, 1993.
Price was ca. 800 guilders.
BandsTunes 0.1 to 1650 MHz in one band and all analogue modes: AM USB LSB FM WFM. First IF is 592,3/227,5MHz, Second IF is 45,1MHz, Third IF ??.
CabinetPlastic. Size 6x15x3.5 cm. Weight 350 gr.
PowerBatt 4xAA NiCad, charged internally from 12V source.
DocumentsUser manual, box, block diagram.

The Design

The Yupiteru MVT7100 is known as one of the best hand-held scanners there is. It has a wide reception range, 1000 memories it can scan, and is very sensitive (better than 1uV on most ranges). It can be used for overhearing police and fire communications, phones, ham radio, air, space, everything. It is unfortunate that a lot of these transmissions have ceased: police are digital, 31MHz phones are obsolete, CB is rather inactive, 430MHz car phones are no longer there.

Obtained8/1999 from Arjan Zwartjes; sn=81100020.

This Object

I bought it second hand, but in as new state. I have all the accessoires that go with it, the soft leather pouch, manuals, the works! Here is a link to my previous scanner.

The inside is peculiar, because almost no wiring is used. The components are board mounted, soldered directly to the PCB without wires, and the connection between the boards is made by socket contacts when the set is assembled. A bit strange, because in this way it is virtually impossible to measure or test the set while dismantled. A common problem with the 7100 was also my problem: defective backup capacitor causes the memory to drop all its content from time to time! I replaced this so-called gold cap of 0,22F (left edge of middle circuit board). Unfortunately the problem returned after some time, probably because the gold cap is damaged by the charging power of 12V.

The tuning rotate knob does not always operate well, I opened the set a few times to resolder its connections after I dropped the set and it landed on this button. I applied a minor mod (a wire bridge over the lamp button) so the lamp will always be ON.

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