The MemoView Tool

MemoView is a handy tool for visualizing the evolution in time log information. Examples of such data visualized by MemoView are:


 Profiling information showing the usage of dynamic memory (heap) in software applications

 Commit information maintained by software configuration management tools such as CVS or Subversion


The aim of MemoView is to present a compact and intuitive view of how logs containing hundreds of thousands of events. This helps users discover interesting patterns in their data, which should further assist them in better managing the data or the system(s) that have generated it. Examples of use cases are:


 Find out how dynamic memory gets fragmented in time

 Understand the memory allocation pattern of a memory allocator for optimizing its behaviour

 Quickly get an overview of what is in a large CVS/Subversion software repository

 Find out files/folders in a repository that show a similar evolution in time for some periods

 Find out memory allocations that show a similar evolution in time for some periods


MemoView is a simple to install and run tool that you can download and experiment with freely.


Download the latest available version of MemoView for Windows here:

Some snapshots of MemoView are presented below:


Overview of the MemoView tool interface

Memory allocation visualization

Repository visualization (1)

Repository visualization (2)

Publications describing the design and use of MemoView: