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Professor in Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University

   Name:   Stefan Vandoren
   Postal address: 
           Institute for Theoretical Physics
           Utrecht University
           Princetonplein 5
           Buys Ballot Building           
           3584 CC Utrecht
           The Netherlands.
           Office nr.: BBG-715
           Tel.:  +31 30 253 5902
           Fax:   +31 30 253 5937
           e-mail: S.J.G.Vandoren@uu.nl 

Foto: A. van Wesenbeeck.


My research is centered around superstring theory, supergravity and black holes. Click here for a list of publications. For my curriculum vitae, click on CV .

 Book “Time in Powers of Ten”

Together with Gerard ’t Hooft, I wrote a book on time scales in nature. It is a variant on the well-known “Powers of Ten”, where one plays with length scales. The book is published by World Scientific (English version, Japanese) and Veen Magazines (Dutch version).






Teaching 2014-2015


Quantum Field Theory

Course NS-TP401M (blok 1+2).

Lectures: Thursdays from 13:15 - 15:00, MIN 211. First lecture on September 11.

Problem Classes: Thursdays from 15:15 - 19:00, MIN 202,204. First problem class on September 18.
                                                                Special Relativity

Course NS-106B (blok 1)

Lectures: Mondays from 11:00 – 12:45.

Problem Classes: Wednesdays 09:00 – 12:45.

Some Lecture Notes

Lectures on Instantons, with P. van Nieuwenhuizen Lecture notes.
Lectures on Complex Geometry, Lecture notes.

Student Book on Black Holes

PhD Students and Info

At the moment, I supervise three PhD students, Watse Sybesma, Huibert het Lam, and Nava Gaddam. For information on how to apply for a PhD position, see PhD positions
For a list of previous PhD students, and their theses, click

Undergraduate Thesis - Scripties

A list of topics for an undergraduate thesis can be found in our studiegids. (click on "research projects", and go to section 5.2.11). If you are interested in one of these, or something closely related, first contact dr. Enrico Pajer and express your interest.