Melchior van Wessem


I received my Veni-grant! What a success, I never expected this to happen.


No conferences due to Corona

No current teaching


Welcome on my website! Before you go on exploring my site, here is a short introduction: I am Melchior van Wessem, a PostDoctoral researcher at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht (IMAU) in the Ice & Climate group. I study the Antarctic climate and surface mass balance using the regional atmospheric climate model RACMO2. I started working here in 2011 as a PhD-student, which I succesfully finished in March 2016. Now I am doing a PostDoc on my personal Veni-grant at IMAU, basically continuing my previous work. In my project I am setting up several RACMO2 runs at high- resolution, with a focus on surface meltwater production in present-day and future climates. Find out some more about this on my website!

Current work

The main things I am currently working on:

1. Setting up and finishing the new RACMO2 climate runs using the new reanalyses ERA5 data as boundary forcing.

2. Setting up new high-resolution (11 km!!) runs for Antarctica as a whole.

3. I am about to submit my work on Antarctic firn aquifers, the results of my previous PostDoc, soon.