Field Theory in Particle Physics (NS-TP529M)
Lecturers: Bernard de Wit, Eric Laenen
Tutors (UU): Franz Ciceri, Jules Lamers, Valentin Reys

Classes: 6 February - 24 April 2013, Wednesdays 10:00-12:45,
Nikhef, Science park 105, 1098 XG Amsterdam

Tutorials: 5 February - 28 May 2013, Tuesdays 9:30-12:45, Buys Ballot Laboratory, BBL 205, Utrecht

(Nikhef access: mention at the reception that you are attending the course by E. Laenen and B. de Wit)

This is an interuniversity course. In this course we investigate the structure and manifestations of (non-abelian) gauge theories. The Standard Model of elementary particles is an example, but we will often take a broader view. We begin with a general discussion of rigid and local symmetries, leading to the construction of gauge theories. Subsequently we discuss the quantization of gauge fields: gauge-fixing, ghost fields and Feynman rules. This enables a treatment of renormalization, asymptotic freedom, and the decoupling of heavy degrees of freedom. We then discuss some consequences for Quantum Chromodynamics, at the one-loop level, followed by an in-depth treatment of spontaneous symmetry breaking and the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism. The Standard Model is introduced and some of its phenomenology is discussed. When time permits, the course will be concluded by a discussion of chiral anomalies and some outlook beyond the Standard Model.

Prerequisites: a good introduction in quantum field theory, some knowledge of group theory and of Lorentz invariance.

The lectures will take place at Nikhef in Amsterdam. There will be three hours of lectures (with intermissions) every Wednesday, so that the total number of lecturing days is equal to twelve. Tutorials will be organized locally at the UvA and the UU. Students attending the class from places outside Amsterdam will probably be offered some financial compensation for their travel. To qualify for compensation you will have to hand in your train tickets at the end of the course.

First lecture: Wednesday 6 February 2013.
First tutorial (UU): Tuesday 5 February 2013, BBL 205.

Last lecture: 24 April 2013.
Last tutorial (UU): 28 May 2013.

Question and answer sessions (UU): We have scheduled a meeting on Tuesday 11 June, 10.00 - 13.00.

Solutions to an assigned exercise and bonus point! In the tutorials we are prepared to assign one exercise to every student. The solution has to be handed in as a LaTeX file and you have to give a short presentation during a tutorial session about the solution. Assuming that your solution is correct and that the presentation is satisfactory, you will receive an additional bonus point to be added to your grade. The bonus point cannot be used for the retake exam.

The details and the organization of the probem assignments will appear regularly on black board starting from March 12.

Solutions to the assigned exercises:
  • Solutions UU and UvA

    Final exam: 19 June 2013, Van Unnik Gebouw, Groene zaal, 10-13 h.
    Retake: 28 August 2013, BBL 061, 10-13 h.

    Lecture notes will be made available and can be bought in Amsterdam at the UvA. We will announce in class when and where the second and third set of notes will be available. The notes from previous years have become obsolete. The lecture notes are part of the text of a forthcoming book "Field Theory in Particle Physics" (de Wit, Laenen, Smith).

    Some additional material