Short biography

Paul Andries Zegeling
1967-1973: Openbare basisschool De Bongerd te Odijk.

1973-1979: RSG Schoonoord te Zeist.

1977 (aspiranten) & 1979 (junioren): second place at Dutch National Youth Championships Volleybal with District of Utrecht.

1979: Eindexamen Gymnasium Beta, RSG Schoonoord te Zeist.

1980-1995: Player of the 1st-division volleyballteam SOS/DPC (Utrecht) and VV Utrecht (from 1986).

1983: Bachelorthesis on the Hilbert transform, supervisor: Prof J.J. Duistermaat (Universiteit Utrecht).

1985-1995: Player of the internationally-recognized volleyballteam Lokomotiv TNT at a series of international tournaments (see logo).

1987: Masterthesis on the Asymptotic analysis of a coronal loop model, supervisor Prof. F. Verhulst (Universiteit Utrecht).

1987-1992: Researcher in a NWO-STW-project (with Shell-Amsterdam) at the department of numerical mathematics of the CWI (centre for mathematics and computer science) in Amsterdam.

July 1992: First place (with Lok TNT) at the International Volleybaltournement in Annen (East-Germany).

October 1992: PhD-thesis on Moving grids for time-dependent partial differential equations, supervisors: Prof P.J. van der Houwen & Prof J.G. Verwer (Universiteit van Amsterdam).

1993-now: Docent-Onderzoeker in Scientific-Computing at the Department of Mathematics, Universiteit Utrecht.

2000-2008: participating in the Judex-project (Stadsarchief Enschede): transscribing 17th century Old-Dutch texts.

2011: Co-author and editor of the book: HET VUUR VAN VVU

2008-now: translating and researching Old-German texts from the 16 and 17th century (Baden-Wuerttemberg and Brandenburg).

2016-now: Video analyst of volleyball matches.

Below you find a hyper-sonic future air-space craft :-)