Photo of Hans Bodlaender

Hans L. Bodlaender

Professor Algorithms and Complexity
Department of Information and Computing Sciences
Utrecht University
the Netherlands

Foto by Ivar Pel

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My research focuses on Algorithms and Complexity. Many computational tasks for computers (and other computing devises) are hard and time consuming. A central question is: how can we build methods (algorithms) that solve these tasks in an efficient way? Given a specific task, we can ask: how hard is it (for a computer to solve)? Are there fast algorithms, or are all algorithms necessarily slow? How much time is needed? And, how much other resources (e.g., memory for the computation, number of parallel processes, etc.) are needed? I work and have worked on various topics in this field, including: The study of the algorithmic complexity of problems, includes the design of new algorithms, the analysis of the efficiency of these algorithms, but also the use of (and design of) complexity theoretic tools to predict that algorithms with certain efficiencies can be expected not to exist.

I participate in the Center for Complex Systems Studies of Utrecht University, as member of the Advisory Board and Associated Member.

I chair the Steering Committee of the Workshop on Graph Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science, a yearly conference, since 1975, and am regular member of program committees of conferences in theoretical computer science, algorithms research, and parameterized algorithms and complexity.

You can find links to most of my papers on DBLP, or on Google Scholar. A number of early technical reports can be found here.