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MCJ Bootsma
Mathematical Institute
Utrecht University
Room 601
Budapestlaan 6
3584 CD Utrecht
The Netherlands
tel: +31-30-2531530
fax: +31-30 2534947
e-mail: M.C.J.Bootsma at uu.nl

Curriculum vitae

My research interests include mathematical models for infectious diseases. My specific interests are MRSA and ways to estimate the importance of infection routes. In December 2007 I received a VENI grant for the proposal Mathematical tools in support of infection prevention on which I am working since April 2008, both at the Mathematical Institute of Utrecht University and at the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care of the UMC Utrecht. From April 2005 to April 2008 I have been involved in the NWO project: Data driven multi level models of infectious diseases. In June 2010. I received a ZonMW grant in the the Priority Medicines Antimicrobial Resistance Research Programma on the proposal "Controlling nosocomial spread of ESBL-producing bacteria: Guidance of prevention by way of mathematical modelling". From September 2005 to September 2006 I spend a year at the department of infectious disease epidemiology of Imperial College London were I have been working with Neil Ferguson on models for the effect of social distance measures (closure of schools, churches, theaters..) on the spread of pandemic influenza.

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