Current teaching

Below are active links to my current teaching, an an archive of former teaching. If you are only interested in a list of all my teaching activities, see my cv. Here is a link to a webpage about mathematics teaching at Utrecht:

WISM556 Orientation Seminar in Geometry

Masters of Mathematics, Autumn 2015

See Blackboard.

WISM558 Master Seminar Number Theory

(with Valentijn Karemaker) Master of Mathematics, Spring 2016

This seminar is about the advanced theory of elliptic curves.

Preliminary list of possible topics, depending on preferences of participants:

  • Complex multiplication on elliptic curves, including the theory of modular functions and explicit class field theory of imaginary quadratic fields.
  • Elliptic curves over local fields.
  • Tate-Shafarevich groups; computing the Mordell-Weil group.
  • L-series of elliptic curves, Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture, average rank of elliptic curves.
  • Factorisation using elliptic curves.
  • Moduli of elliptic curves.
  • Integral points on elliptic curves, elliptic divisibility sequences.
  • Applications of elliptic curves in the theory of undecidability.
  • Galois representations associated to elliptic curves; modularity of elliptic curves.

Teaching Archive

    Diophantine Equations (High School)

    Mathematics for Chemists (2nd year Bachelor)

    What is Mathematics? (1st year Bachelor)

    Group Theory (2nd year Bachelor)

    Rings and Galois Theory (2nd year Bachelor)

    Elliptic Curves (3rd year Bachelor; Mastermath)

    Bachelor Seminar on p-adic numbers (3rd year Bachelor)

    Bachelor Seminar on metric spaces (3rd year Bachelor)

    Honours Bachelor Seminar of "Cours d'Aritmetique" (quadratic forms and L-series)

    Honours Bachelor Seminar on Graph Theory

    Riemann Surfaces (Masters)

    Seminar on Galois Groups and Fundamental Groups (Masters)

    Seminar on Fourier Analysis on Number Fields (Masters)

    Seminar on Arithmetic of Curves (Masters)

    Moduli of Elliptic Curves (Masterclass)

    Seminar on Fuchsian Groups (Masterclass)

    Seminar on Spectral Triples (Masterclass)



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