INBA Practicum 1, February 5  2020 11:45-13:00

1. I
nstall and start your personal copy of the MATLAB bifurcation toolbox MatCont:
    (a) Download the file
    (b) Save and /or extract the content of this zip-file to an appropriate place on your laptop. Verify that the subdirectory matcont7p1 is created that contains MatCont files.
    (c) Start MATLAB and change the current directory of MATLAB to matcont7p1.
(e) Start MatCont by entering "matcont" in the MATLAB Command window.

2. Follow TUTORIAL I to learn how to use MatCont to simulate multidimensional ODEs and make all Additional Problems listed at the end of the tutorial.

3. Additional Problem D of TUTORIAL I is the home assignment
to be delivered on 12-02-2020. Write a short essay that describes your numerical and analytical results on this problem.