Category Theory and Topos Theory, Spring 2018

This course is part of the Mastermath programme.
Lecturer is Jaap van Oosten. Assistant for the exercise class is Mark Kamsma (

This course will be given in weeks 6-20 (February-June 2018).
The course is on Mondays, 10:15-12:00 (lecture) and 12:15-13:00 (exercises), in Amsterdam Science Park, room A1.04.
The course will be concluded by a written exam, for which you must obtain at least the grade 5. There are, during the course, 6 hand-in exercises, which may count for 30% of your final grade (it is not compulsory, although strongly recommended, to hand in these exercises). That is, your final grade will be calculated as follows: let H be your grade for the hand-in exercises and W your grade for the written exam. Provided W is at least 5, your final grade will be the maximum of W and the number (3H + 7W)/10.
The hand-in exercises have to be handed in at the exercise class in the week they are mentioned below; they can also be sent by email to the assistant, before noon on the same day. Exercises, to be handed in in week x+1, will appear on this page ultimately the Wednesday of week x.
Here are the hand-in exercises with solutions for the old ones.

Literature: Lecture Notes.
This course will treat some applications of Category Theory to Logic. Although this is only a minor part of the course, people unfamiliar with Logic may wish to consult sections 2.1-2.3 of the basic logic course Sets, Models and Proofs, for the notions of a language and structures for a language.
Suggestions for improvement of the lecture notes are very welcome!

Making diagrams in LaTeX

I myself use the program xypic.

Mark Kamsma prefers this tool. He gives the following instructions:
Draw your diagram using that tool, and then use the button with the braces { } to copy the LaTeX code for your diagram. You can then paste the code in a tikzcd environment, or more concrete:
Paste your code here
Do not forget to include \usepackage{tikz-cd} in your LaTeX document to use the tikzcd environment.

Overview of the material treated in the course

Not always there will be time enough to treat all material in the lecture. What is listed is the required reading for the exam.

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