Carina van der Veen
Chemistry Technician


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Name: Carina van der Veen
Date of Birth: 31 October 1966
Place of Birth: Poortugaal, the Netherlands
Married to: Paul van der Schoot


HLO - Chemical Laboratory Training (September 1987 - June 1991)
At the Hogeschool Rotterdam & Omstreken ("Rotterdam University")
I obtained the degree of Ingenieur on 19 June 1991 in the subject of organic chemistry

Delft University of Technology (August 1985 - June 1987)
Student at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Academy School of English (January 1993 - June 1993)
Certificate in Advanced English

Open University (Heerlen, the Netherlands)
"Data and Deductions" (30 September 1994)
"Medical-Pharmaceutical Biotechnology" (8 February 1995)

Delft University of Technology, IRI
Radiation Safety 5A (25 June 1998)


1990-1991 Trainee at Delft University of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

1991-1992 Research assistant at TNO.

1993-1995 (Senior) research technician at the Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

1995-1998 Research technician at the Department of Dermatology, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany

1998-2001 Chemistry technician at IMAU, Utrecht University

2002 Gas Chromatography technician at CIO, University of Groningen

2002-now Chemistry technician at IMAU, Utrecht University