Carina van der Veen
Chemistry Technician


NEEM 2009 has started .

North Greenland Eemian Ice drilling (NEEM) 2007-2011.

Official Danish NEEM Website

Pictures from ice sampling at BAS

Spot the Polar Bear

Atmospheric Isotopes

Isotope analysis of atmospheric water vapour.

Radiocarbon Dating of Ice Cores

C-14 analyses is used to obtain the age of the air bubbles in ice cores.

Fieldwork Holtedahlfonna, Svalbard

Sawing a long piece of ice core

Installing temperature sensors

Relaxing after the drilling was finished (April 2005)
Photographs by Elisabeth Isaksson

Fieldwork New Zealand/Antarctica

On board of a US Air Force Globemaster, taking atmospheric water vapour samples between New Zealand and Antarctica (August 2005)

Ice Core Processing

Carefully sawing a piece of the EPICA Dronning Maud Land Ice Core in the freezer labs at AWI (July 2003)