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Master of Science, Physical Geography Utrecht University (in combination with Stockholm University)

1 year trainee program Post-academic IMAU Utrecht University  

Ph.D. Thesis Ice and Climate promotor Prof. J. Oerlemans, IMAU Utrecht University


Professor, Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht, Utrecht University

Professor, Geosciences Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht University


Member of Climate Commission (KNAW) 1998-1999

Member of Dutch INQUA commission (KNAW) 1998-1999

Contribution to international assesments on climate change IPCC, working group 1, 2nd,3rd, 4th IPCC report on sea level rise

Editor Annals of Glaciology 41: Antarctic Glaciology, 2004

Editor Annals of Glaciology 46: Cryospheric indicators of global climate change, 2006

Co-Leader Climate Variability and Geodynamics (UCG) 2004-2008

Dutch IPY (International Polar Year) commision (NWO) 2005-2006

National delegate steering committee IPICS (International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences) 2005-

Member of the sub-committee of ACE (Antarctic Climate Evolution) a SCAR programme 2005-

Member of the steering committe of CPOM (Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling) a NERC research centre 2005-2007

Member of the steering committe of NEEM 2008-

Editor Special issue Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics on firn air.

Co-chair Grand Challenge on regional sea level change and coastal impacts WMO.

Member of program board Pathways to sustainability.

Research group

Current Phd students: M. Scherrenberg, T. van de Akker, F. Jesse, K. de Wit, C. van Calcar

Current Post-docs: Tijn Berends, L. Stap, J. Bernales, T. Hermans

Current Technical support: --

Current Undergraduate students:

Current Graduate students: R. vd. Acker, J. Janzing

Former Phd students: K.A. Kaspers, M.M. Helsen, J. van den Berg, I.G.M. Wientjes, B. de Boer, A. Slangen, M. Benith, C. Sapart, L. Stap

Former Post-docs: J. van den Berg, J. Sewall, E. Tuenter, F.M. Nick, P. Stocchi, A. Slangen, C. Sapart, S. Bradley, H. Goelzer, R. de Winter, M.M. Helsen, S. Karabill, T. Frederikse, E. Lambert, B. de Boer, W. Lazeroms

Former assistanting staff: C.v.d. Veen, E. Bernsen, P.P Borsboom, M. Kliphuis, C. Hofstede


Projects and Programs RED is ongoing
BLUE is finished

COACH Facts Firn air collection team

People: Dr K.A. Kaspers (PhD Oct 2004)

Collaboration: Ir. C. Hofstede, E.-J. de Jong,  C. van der  Veen, Dr. M.R. van den Broeke, Prof. H.A.J. Meijer (CIO, Groningen)


EPICA-NL2b Chemical/Physical properties of medium-deep ice cores from Dronning Maud Land

People:Drs M.M. Helsen (PhD Feb 2006)

Collaboration: Ir. C. Hofstede, E.-J. de Jong,  C. van der  Veen, Dr. M.R. van den Broeke, Prof. H.A.J. Meijer (CIO, Groningen)


Mass Balance observation on the Greenland ice sheet


Collaboration: W. Boot, H. Snellen, Dr. P. Smeets, Dr. M.R. van den Broeke


Netherlands participation in the Nordic Svalbard ice core drilling project 2003/2004


Collaboration: C. van der Veen, E.-J. de  Jong, E. Isakson (NP, Norway), V. Pohjola (UU, Sweden)


Interpretation and measurements of isotopes and gas in Antarctica

People:Dr. M.M. Helsen (Post-Doc), Drs. G. v.d. Wel (CIO)

Collaboration:C. van der Veen, Prof. H.A.J. Meijer (CIO, Groningen)


Modelling Ice sheets and Lithosphere

People: Dr. J. v.d. Berg (PhD May 2007)

Collaboration: Prof. J. Oerlemans (PI)

Funding: NWO/Spinoza

ANICE parallelisation of an Antarctic ice sheet model

People: Drs. E. Bernsen, Dr. F. van Hees

Collaboration: Dr. A. van der Steen, Dr. W. Vermin (SARA)

Funding: NCF

Climate variability and Geodynamics

People: Drs. C. van Tuyll (AIO), Drs. T. Reerink (AIO), B. Alhammoud (Post-Doc), M. Kliphuis

Collaboration:Prof. H. Dijkstra, Prof. M.J.R. Wortel (IVAU), Dr. A.S. von der Heydt, Dr. H. Brinkhuis (Biology), Dr. L. Lourens (IVAU), Dr. P. Th. Meijer (IVAU), Dr. F.J. Hilgen (IVAU),

Funding:UCG/Physics and Astronomy, Geosciences

Source Rock, Modelling the Cretaceous climate

People:J. Sewall (Post-Doc until 1/7/2007), E. Tuenter (1/8/2007-1/12/2009), M. Kliphuis (1/7/2007-1/7/2008)

Collaboration:Prof. H. Dijkstra, Dr. A.S. von der Heydt, Prof C. van der Zwan (IVAU, UU)

Funding: Senter/Novem

Urbino, Summerschool

People: no

Collaboration:Prof. S. Galeotti, Dr. H. Brinkhuis

Funding: IMAU

North Greenland Eemian ice project (NEEM)

People: no

Collaboration:Dr. M. R. v.d. Broeke, Dr. C.H. Reijmer, Prof. J. Oerlemans, Prof. T. Roeckmann, Prof. H.A.J. Meijer, Dr. P. Mason

Funding: NWO/IPY

The Greenland ice sheet during the Eemian

People: Dr. J. v.d. Berg (post-doc), Dr. M. Helsen (post-doc)

Collaboration:Prof. G. Clarke, Dr. N. Lhomme,Dr. M.R. v.d. Broeke, Dr, C.H. Reijmer, Prof. J. Oerlemans,

Funding: OCW/KNAW

Sea level and cryospheric modelling validated by GOCE data

People: Drs. A. Slangen (Phd dec 2012)

Collaboration: Dr. L.L. Vermeersen, Dr. R. Koop, Prof. J. Oerlemans, Prof. J. Gregory

Funding:NWO/SRON earth observations

Temperature and CO2 reconstruction by inverse modelling

People: Dr. B. de Boer (Phd feb 2012)

Collaboration: Dr. L. Lourens, Dr. R. Bintanja, Dr. E. Tuenter, Prof. J. Oerlemans


Mass balance, Automatic Weather Station and GPS measurements along the K-transect

People: Dr. F.M. Nick

Collaboration: M.R. van den Broeke, C.H. Tijm-Reijmer, J. Oerlemans

Funding: NWO/NPP/NAP

Uncertainties related to a rapid disintegration of the Greenland ice sheet and its consequences for sea level scenarios

People: Drs. M.P. Bénit, Dr. A. Slangen, Drs. T. Reerink

Collaboration: F.M. Nick

Funding: KvK

Solving the sea level equation in ice sheet models

People: Dr. P. Stocchi

Funding: KNAW

Groundvalidation for L and B-band radarsat measurements.

People: no

Collaboration: J. Dall, F. ,P. Smeets

Funding: ESA

Climate Dynamics of Ice Ages.

People: Drs. L. Stap

Collaboration: R. Bintanja, L. Lourens, B. de Boer, P. Köhler

Funding: NWO ALW

Evolution of the Greenland ice sheet from the LGM into the next centuries.

People: Dr. M.M. Helsen

Collaboration: R. Bintanja, W. v.d. Wal, B. de Boer, W.-J. van de Berg, P. Stocchi

Funding: NWO NPP

Eemian sea level.

People: Dr. S. Bradley

Collaboration: B. de Boer, M. M. Helsen, T. Reerink

Funding: NWO Gravitation

New Generation GPS L1 band instrumentation.

People: no

Collaboration: W. Boot

Funding: UU Science

Why was sea level so high in a slightly warmer world?.

People: Werner Lazeroms

Collaboration: A. Jenkins, W. Hazeleger, R. Bintanja, M. Helsen, B. de Boer, B. Vermeersen, E. Rohling

Funding: NWO ALW

Climate sensitivity during warm episodes in the geological past.

People: Tijn Berends

Collaboration: B. de Boer, A. Sluijs,

Funding: NWO Gravitation

Towards a fully coupled ice and climate model on geological time scales.

People: Bas de Boer, Thomas Reerink, Heiko Goelzer

Collaboration: Paolo Stocchi (NIOZ)

Funding: NWO Gravitation

Regional sea level and subsidence.

People: Gilles Erkens (Deltares), T Reerink

Collaboration: Aimée Slangen (NIOZ), Renske de Winter, Marc Bierkens, Ester Stouthamer (UU, Geo), Gilles Erkens (Deltares)

Funding: UU Future Deltas

Integrating sea-level projections in climate services for coastal adaptation.

People: Gonéri Le Cozannet, T Reerink

Collaboration: Jochen Hinkel, Marta Marcos, Patrice Walker, Virgine Duvat

Funding: Eranet JPI

Dutch Polar Climate and Cryosphere Change Consortium.

People: M. Verlaan, R Bintanja, S Drijfhout, A Slangen, S Muis, B Wouters, M van den Broeke, C Reijmer, WJ van de Berg

Collaboration: Jochen Hinkel, Marta Marcos, Patrice Walker, Virgine Duvat

Funding: NPP

New avenues for studying ice sheets in warmer climates.

People: Tijn Berends

Collaboration: Heiko Goelzer

Funding: NWO-Klein

The long-term relationship between sea-level change and sedimentation in the North Sea.

People: Paolo Stocchi, K. Cohen, G. Negro


Funding: NIOZ-UU