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Research Interest

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*Mass balance of polar ice sheets

*Numerical modelling of ice sheets

*Paleoclimate from ice cores

*Sea level changes

*Climate Dynamics

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Student Projects

Please contact me by e-mail or come along my office for bachelor or master projects

Former students since 2010:

Mirena de Olaizola (Msc) Recent uplift Greenland ice sheet

Harold Langen (Bsc) The contribution of outlet glaciers in Greenland to sea level rise

Wouter-Dirk Huitzing (Msc) Closure of sea level budget over the 20th century

Eveline v.d. Linden (Msc) Coupling Earth Dynamical models and ice sheet models

Joyce Bosmans (Msc) Velocity changes along the Greenland margin

Jeroen van Lent (Msc) Coupling EC-Earth to ice sheet model for Greenland

Marco Stoffelen (Bsc) Ice velocities of the West-Greenland ice Sheet

Karlijn Beers (Msc, VU) Past regional sea level variations from satellite altimetry

Rochus Kampen (Bsc) Ice velocities along the K-transect

Dirk van de Veek (Msc) Interaction between the thermohaline circulation and sea ice in Dansgaard-Oescgher cycles

Christiaan van Dalum (Bsc) Modelling glacial inception of Antarctica during the Eocene Oligocene boundary

Tom Peters (Bsc) Modelling SSA velocities in a flow line model

Alexander Gabriƫlse (Bsc) Modelling SSA velocities in a flow line model

Jori Hoencamp (Bsc) Modelling polar amplification over the past 5 million years

Sam Rijken (Bsc) Mid-Pleistocene transition

Ioannis Komis (Msc) A comparison of observed and modelled relative sea-level change over the satellite observational period 1993-2013

Sander Engelen (MsC, WUR) Relation between climate change and ice velocity along a transect on the western margin of the Greenland ice sheet

Niels Asberg (Bsc) Influence of wind patterns on mass balance and ice sheet evolution during the LGM in North America

Jan Bouke Pronk (Bsc) Modelling the impact of ice-sheets, carbon dioxide and orbital insolation on temperature over the past 5 million years

Eef van Dongen (Msc) Coupling approximation levels for marine ice sheet flow using Elmer/Ice

Adriaan de Groot (Bsc) Iceberg production on Antarctica

Bas van der Ploeg (Bsc) Global Assessment of ocean thermal energy coversion resources and potential sites for implementation

Emma Griffin (Bsc) Global glacier volume modelling

Jan Bouke Pronk (Bsc) Modelling the impact of ice-sheet, carbondioxide and orbital insolation on temperatures over the last 5 million years

Kyra Brakkee (Bsc) Improving the numerical solution of the SSA equation in an ice flow model

Marinka Elbertsen (Bsc) Analysis of the differences between climate forcing by CMIP5 and CMIP6 in a GlacierMIP model

Nout Sanders (Bsc) Sediment erosion as possible driver of the middle-pleistocene transition

Quinten Bohte (Bsc) Influence of the dynamic topography on the development of ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere during the Pleistocene.

Sophie Hietbrink (Bsc) The contribution of small glaciers to sea level rise over the next 100 years

Isolde Glissenaar (Msc) Subsidence and relative sea level rise

Christos Tsitsikas (Msc) Regional sea level allowances along the world coast-line

Simon Brouwer (Msc) Implementing the Lazeroms parameterisation of ice mlet plumes in a marine ice sheet model

Annette van de Engel (Msc) The importance of regional ocean modelling for sea-level projections in the North-west Euopean shelf region

Iris Keizer (Msc) Sea-level rise acceleration along the Dutch coast