Microeconomics (WISB271)

Intended audience: second-year students

Syllabus: wordt doorgaans in gedeelten uitgedeeld op het college.

Outline: This course treats microeconomics and parts of econometrics from a mathematical perspective. Aiming to exploit the benefits of a good knowledge of first year mathematical subjects such as infinitesimal calculus and linear algebra, it provides a quick and efficient introduction to the core of the subject.

Prerequisites: It is expected that you have followed the first-year course on Infinitesimal Calculus, and at least its part that deals with differentiation of functions of several variables. Some knowledge of linear algebra is also expected, as is an elementary ability to follow mathematical reasoning. However, no prior knowledge of economics is expected.

Main economical subjects: least squares in economic models, no-arbitrage pricing in mathematical finance, and in microeconomics: profit maximization, cost minimization, returns to scale, short term and long term single market equilibrium, monopolistic competition, utility maximization, expenditure minimization, income and substitution effects, duality aspects of consumption, Slutsky's decomposition, revealed preference, integrability, multimarket equilibrium. Main mathematical subjects: introductions/invitations to convex analysis, game theory and optimization.




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