About me:

  • I am a Mathematics Professor at Utrecht University, working in the Mathematics Department. I did my bachelor at Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), then I moved to The Netherlands where I participated in the MRI Master Class of 1995/1996; I received my PhD in 2000 (Utrecht University), then I was a Miller Research Fellow at UC Berkely, then I returned back to The Netherlands as a Fellow of the KNAW. Since 2012 I am Professor at UU (Differential Geometry), leading the Poisson geometry group at UU. I am also taking part in the dutch GQT (Geometry and Quantum Theory) national research cluster. In 2016 I was elected member of KNAW (The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences).

  • Here is my contact information. Here is the list of people at my department. And the web-pages of various people (collaborators and other people that I often meet).

  • Research interests: geometry and topology, especially differential and non-commutative. More specifically: Poisson Geometry and related areas (symplectic and contact, foliations), G-structures, Lie pseudo-groups and groupoids and, more recently, the geometric study of PDEs.

  • Me via Google Scholar Profile, via MathSciNet-papers and via MathSciNet-citations or via the Mathematics Genealogy Project.

  • My papers: here is the list that I am trying to maintain but which, most of the time, is seriously out of date. You can also have a look at my papers on MatSciNet or on the UC Davis arxiv.

    See also:

    Vacancies in our group (PhD positions and PostDoc positions).

    Poisson 2016 (summer school at the University of Geneva and conference at the ETH Zurich, June 27- July 8).

    GQT graduate school and GQT Colloquium (June 6- 10, 2016, Woudschouten conference center, near Zeist). DO NOT FORGET TO REGISTER.

    Higher Geometric Structures along the Lower Rhine V (June 19-20, Nijmegen).

    PhD Students (former and present):

  • Camilo Arias Abad (2004- 2008). Title of the thesis: Representations up to homotopy and the cohomology of classyfying spaces.

  • Niels Kowalzig (2006- 2009). Title of the thesis: Hopf Algebroids and Their Cyclic Theory.

  • Ioan Marcut (2008-2012). Title of the thesis: Normal forms in Poisson Geometry.

  • Maria Amelia Salazar (2009- 2013). Title of the thesis: Pfaffian Groupoids.

  • Boris Osorno Torres (2010- 2015). Title of the thesis: Codimension-one symplectic Foliations: Constructions and Examples.

  • Joao Nuno (2010- 2015). Title of the thesis: Differentiable stacks: stratifications, measures and deformations.

  • Ori Yudilevich (2011- 2016). Title of the thesis: Lie Pseudogroups a la Cartan From a Modern Perspective.

  • Roy Wang (2012- 2017). Title of the thesis: On Integrable Systems and Rigidity for PDEs with Symmetry.

  • Francesco Cattafi (2015- 2019), working on an unified approach to the integrability of "almost" geometric structures, in the framework of Gamma-structures.

  • Lauran Toussaint (2016- 2020): searching for the interactions between Poisson and Contact Geometry.

  • Luca Accornero (2017- 2022): to be decided.

  • Aldo Witte (2017- 2022): generalized complex geometry.

    For pictures of some of my former/ongoing students as well as of the various past/present postdocs that I hosted, have a look here.

    Poisson Geometry Group:

    I am leading the Poisson geometry group in Utrecht. We have organized/are organizing various activities related to Poisson Geometry:

  • The Friday Fish seminars (the weekly seminars of the group).

  • The Poisson 2012 conference and summer school.

  • The "Higher Geometric Structures along the Lower Rhine" workshops - a joint production by Max Planck Institute at Bonn, Nijmegen University and Utrecht University. The next one takes place in Utrecht on October 17, 18, 2013 .

  • related activities: Quarterly Seminar on Geometry & Topology, the - Stafcolloquium at Utrecht University and the GQT colloquium (associated with the Geometry and Quantum Theory national cluster).

    Teaching (Utrecht): (for lecture notes, follow the links)

    ---------------- Manifolds (the bachelor course "Differentieerbare varieteiten"), Fall 2020.

    ---------------- Manifolds (the bachelor course "Differentieerbare varieteiten"), Fall 2019.

    ---------------- Manifolds (the bachelor course "Differentieerbare varieteiten"), Fall 2018.

    ---------------- Manifolds (the bachelor course "Differentieerbare varieteiten"), Fall 2017.

    ---------------- Differential Geometry, mastermath course, Fall 2016.

    ---------------- Inleiding Topologie, bachelor, Fall 2015.

    ---------------- Differential Geometry, mastermath course, Fall 2015.

    ---------------- Inleiding Topologie, bachelor, Fall 2014.

    ---------------- Inleiding Topologie, bachelor, Fall 2013.

    ---------------- Differential Geometry (a course on G-structures), master, Fall 2013.

    ---------------- Inleiding Topologie, bachelor, Spring 2013.

    ---------------- Analysis on Manifolds (a course on the Atiyah-Singer index theorem), Spring 2013.

    ---------------- Inleiding Topologie, bachelor, 2011-2012.

    ---------------- Inleiding Topologie, bachelor, 2010-2011.

    ---------------- Topologie en Meetkunde, bachelor, 2010-2011.

    ---------------- Topology and Geometry, bachelor, 2009-2010.

    ---------------- Analysis on Manifolds, master, 2009-2010, (with Erik van den Ban).

    ---------------- Topology and Geometry, bachelor, 2008-2009.

    ---------------- Topology and Geometry, bachelor, 2007-2008.

    ---------------- Group theory, bachelor, 2007/2008.

    ---------------- Poisson geometry 2006-2007 (unfinnished lecture notes available upon request).

    ---------------- Topology and Geometry 2006-2007.

    ---------------- Topology and Geometry 2005-2006.

    ---------------- Cyclic cohomology 2003-2004 (preliminary lecture notes available upon request).


    - ESI the Erwin Schrodinger Institute in Vienna.

    - MSRI: the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley.

    - MFO: the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach.

    - CIRM: Le Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques Luminy.

    - ICTP Trieste (The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics) and future activities.

    Master Class:

    - MRI and the MRI Master Class home page.

    - 2008-2009 Master Class on Calabi-Yau geometry .

    - 2007-2008 Master Class on Quantum groups, affine Lie algebras and applications

    - 2006-2007 Master Class, Symplectic geometry and Beyond 2006-2007.

    - 2006-2007 Master Class, Logic 2006-2007.

    - Master Class 2005-2006, on Finite and infinite dimensional dynamical systems

    - Master Class 2004-2005, on Stochastics in Molecular Biology and Genetics

    - Master Class 2003-2004, on Noncommutative Geometry

    Other (math-related) links:

    - preprint servers

    - other mathematics information servers

    - books on the internet (search, buy etc).

    Links to the real world:

    - Utrecht

    - The Netherlands/Romania (news, travel, etc etc)

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