Customer Configuration Updating Survey


The CCU Benchmark report is a document of around forty pages which provides an comprehensive view of your release, delivery, deployment and usage processes. You particularly will receive insights in how efficient and effective your practices are compared to other responding vendors within the same market and/or using the same development language. You will receive custom advice as well, this will enable you to locate some potential "quick wins" in your delivery process with regard to reducing cost, eliminating problems and serving your customers in a better way.  Click here to start the survey.    

The report offers;

  1. A detailed overview of your company's state of practice compared to competitors' state of practice;
  2. Comparison charts that creates an overview of differences between companies in the same sector or using the same development technology;
  3. Customized advice enabling you to implement some potential "quick wins" in the delivery process; and
  4. An opportunity to check and review your complete CCU process.

Earlier research responses
Aftercompletion of the Dutch version of the survey we asked the respondents to fill in a evaluation form. Some of the responses are are mentioned here;

  1. "With this document in hand we will make major changes to our processes"
  2. "This document has made us realize that we are not focusing enough on customer needs in regards to release planning"
  3. "The research performed has helped us greatly, we can only hope the researchers apply the same benchmarking techniques to other areas, such as user support."
  4. "This report has provided us with insight into the problems we continue to encounter with our product updates and deployments."

While we cannot guarantee a similar experience for every respondent, our hope is to provide you, through this survey with some opportunity to review your product and processes and improving your approach after completing the survey and receiving the benchmark report.

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