Customer Configuration Updating Survey


This research started as a project in the Netherlands. During his Ph.D. program dr. S. Jansen surveyed 75 Dutch product software vendor with regard to their Customer Configuration Updating process. As a result a CCU generic model was defined.

After completing this model it was decided to broaden the scope and repeat the research on a global scale to create better validation for the model. The researchers believe the inquired population is representative for the world market. This will lead to results that are better generalizable.   

The figure presented below shows the generic model in its most abstract form. The numeric indicators are used to show the different parts of the process: Release(1), Delivery(2), Deployment(3) and Usage and Activation(4), as defined on the index page. This model was validated by product software managers and the execution of extensive case studies. Then it was used to break down the processes in different chucks called practices in order to create questions for every sub process which ended up in the survey administered on this website.

In this research, we are serving science through gathering empirical data and serving business by evaluating company processes and providing tailored advise with regard to process improvement.


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