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I am a full professor of Game and Media Technology at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. My research topics are the analysis, recognition and retrieval of, and interaction with, games, 3D objects and scenes, images, video, and music. My interests are in particular the AI, pattern recogition, algorithmic, and experimentation aspects of game and media technology.

Currrent roles:


My research interests include
  • Game technology, game design, games for good
  • 3D object and scene analysis, recognition, retrieval
  • Video analysis, understanding
  • Image analysis, understanding
  • Music information retrieval
  • AR/VR interaction


One aspect of our game research is exploiting games as an instrument to collect data, for example about which music features make you remember music well, see the game Hooked! We also develop enabling technologies for games, such as modeling virtual environments and avatars. Our main focus is on games for good/applied games/serious games/. We research games in various domains: health, education, and behavior change. We develop games for rehabilitation, and investigation of the role of games in the development of chronically ill children (Healthy Play, Better Coping). We also investigate how games can be effectively used in education. An example of game research for behavior change is to reduce energy consumption (PowerSaver game).

3D Objects