Frits Beukers

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Name : Frits Beukers
Position : Full Professor
Dept. : Mathematics Utrecht University the Netherlands
Office : MI 520
Email : f.beukers at
Phone : +31-30-2531419 (work)

Collection of Schilling models of algebraic surfaces (Utrecht University, see the picture above for two samples)

Files on related to my Lecture at Nationale Wiskundedagen 2019.



Recent scientific preprints/papers

Recent lectures, semi-scientific publications, course notes

Getaltheorie -- een inleiding

This is an introduction (written in Dutch) addressed to newcomers in Number Theory. Complete title:
Frits Beukers,
Getaltheorie - Een inleiding/b>
Epsilon Uitgaven, Utrecht 2015
ISBN 90-5041-147-9
It is a complete rewrite of its predecessor, Getaltheorie voor beginners. Apart from an elementary introduction a good number of chapters is devoted to recent developments in elementary number theory. You can find the pdf-file of the Preface and table of contents here.


This is an introduction (again in Dutch, about 50 pages) for high school students into the secrets of PI. It is issue 6 of the ZEBRA-series published jointly by Epsilon Uitgaven and the Nederlandse Vereniging van Wiskundeleraren. ISBN-number is 90-5401-062-6. You can find the pdf-file of the introduction and table of contents here. As a result of repeated requests you can find here the answers to the exercises in pdf-format.


My research interests are
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