Marta Pieropan

Mathematical Institute
Utrecht University
Hans Freudenthalgebouw
Budapestlaan 6
3584 CD Utrecht

Telephone: +31 30 253 9221
Room: 615




Boaz Moerman

Justin Uhlemann


Michiel van den Eshof

Luke van de Kraats

Michiel Horikx

Giacomo Maletto, Explicit equations for singular del Pezzo surfaces, Master thesis at University of Turin, 2023

Anouk Greven, Asymptotics of Integral Points of Bounded Height on a log Fano Variety, Master thesis at UU, 2022; now PhD student at Goettingen University - supervisor: Damaris Schindler.

Grégoire Thomazeau, Weak ordinarity conjecture, Master thesis at EPFL, 2020

Hector Pelletier, Master's semester project on chapter II of Hartshorne's book Algebraic Geometry at EPFL, 2018


Wout van der Meer

Andrew Mensing, Desingularization of plane curves, Bachelor thesis at UU, 2024

Jonathan Grube, The Mordell-Weil Theorem for elliptic curves, Bachelor thesis at UU, 2023

René Bruin, Linear sections of Grassmannians, Bachelor thesis at UU, 2023

Sofie Kisjes, Model completeness of algebraically closed fields, Bachelor thesis at UU, 2022

Rishabh Suresh, Proofs for the asymptotic growth of h-full numbers, Bachelor thesis at UCU, 2022

Matthijs Holstege, Systems of forms in C_i fields, Bachelor thesis at UU, 2022

Mar van Bokhoven, On the Reduction Theorem for the Jacobian Conjecture, Bachelor thesis at UU, 2021

Filippo Candia, Algebraic curves and resolution of singularities, Bachelor semester project at EPFL, 2017